Tob Cohen’s brother, Bernard said that when he was alive, Tob created the impression he was not proud of and his relationship with Sarah and that is why he kept his marriage hidden from his family.

Speaking at Tob’s funeral, Bernard did not hold back.

He explained that the marriage was Sarah’s idea when his [Cohen’s neighbours started fighting over his properties.

“He got a piece of land so his neighbours started fighting over his premises. So he would have been kicked out of this country. According to Sarah, they had to marry for him to stay in Kenya,” Bernard said.

We have to bury Tob Cohen a second time, with dignity,’ mourns brother

Tob Cohen
Tob Cohen

He added that, news of Cohen’s brutal murder was “so unexpectedly, we learnt of the torture and subsequent slaughtering of our brother… For the three of us coming from a family of a Holocaust survivor, it must have been least expected of someone as lively as Tob.”

Photos of Tob Cohen’s widow, Sarah Wairimu by his graveside

Sarah Wairimu CohenSarah rubbished the claim of being in “a secret”, standing up to speak, she reiterated that she was “a Cohen”.

“There is nothing secret. I’m glad you’ve heard all my names. I’m Sarah Cohen. Know that very clear,” she said.

She continued,

“One thing I know about my husband is that he was a real Simba [lion], he was not scared of anybody. One thing Tob taught me is not to take no for an answer. So even in doing this, I’m fighting.

Sarah said her relationship with Cohen was public” and was widely I known in their golf fraternity.

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