Nacada board member Chipukeezy has urged rapper Khaligraph Jones to do a collabo with ‘Mihadarati’ hitkmaker Stivo Simple Boy, instead of saying he will be “used and dumped”.

Stivo was a common mwananchi two weeks ago, but he has now captured the country’s attention.

“If Khaligraph is the real OG like he calls himself, tell him to do a collabo with Simple Boy and share it on YouTube,” Chipukeezy told Word Is yesterday.

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“With that, he will have shown his support for this young man.”

This comes after the rapper took to social media to viciously slam the media and celebrities who had a tendency of riding on viral ordinary individuals, only to “dump” them when their entities get the ratings they targeted.

Naona Sai Kila mtu anataka Kuleta Uyu Kijana Interview kwa Show zao sababu Atawaongezea Ratings, alafu Badala ya kuongelea Mihadarati mnaanza kumuuliza kama Yeye ndio the most handsome man when he clearly stated he is not a comedian but an artist, @chipukeezy make sure All his Expenses are being catered for by anyone who wants to host him on their TV/ Radio/Blog shows, hawa watu wanapenda kuitana interview wanakutumia alafu wanawacha msanii mdogo Aende Nyumbani Njaa bila ata fare ikome Tafadhali, support them, The Og shall be Respected #mrinternational,” Khaligraph wrote.

Khaligraph urged Chipukeezy to cater for the needs of Stivo, especially since he was among the first people to interview the upcoming artiste.

But Chipukeezy said,

“Stivo is like any artiste and, therefore, when he is called for interviews, he should attend to them to market himself.”

Nevertheless, the Nacada boss requested the media to focus on building his music and not ask questions that will try to bring him down.

“I have done what I am supposed to do and Simple Boy is now the Nacada ambassador in Kibera, and I have even dressed him,” Chipukeezy said.