Kenyan politicians are an unattractive lot. No, really. That is why most lads my age feel very cheated when they find out their lass was being sponsored by them. The number of handsome Kenyan politicians is small -almost negligible.

And yet, for some reasons Kenyan politicians always seem to have women who are hotter than they are. This says alot about the power of money. Indeed, my father once said to me,

“A beautiful woman who marries a poor man will incur the wrath of her ancestors!”

Then again, he is an Igbo man from Enugu and we all know just how colourful Nigerians are with their sayings.

Anyway, Kenyan politicians seem to be trying to prove my old man right -a fact I am sure he wouldnae miss the opportunity to rub in my face.
I was talking to my colleagues when I realized that Kenyan politicians -the ugliest among them always seem to have the most beautiful, esteemed and stately wives. So I made a list that I hope you will enjoy.

Check out Uncle Chim Tuna’s list below:

Ferdinand Waititu


Hilarious! Watch Ferdinand Waititu Kicking A Blogger During Protest (Video)


Cyprian Awiti

cYPRIAN awiti

This chap, this guy, is married to this stately woman:

3 (1)


Francis Kimemia

francis kimemia

This funny looking “young” man is married to a rather beautiful woman. Thank the gods that his children take after their mother’s looks and not his:
kimemia's family

Boniface Khalwale

This is the guy’s beautiful wife:

khalwale and wife diane okello