In a world that is becoming more and more digital with every single second, traditional marketing is slowly becoming defunct. We are moving on to native advertising which is more effective and resonates well with a targeted audience.

You can think of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other platforms that are the future of advertising. This means you can work for Instagram, IBM, Safaricom, Radio Africa, Microsoft and other leading companies in the digital capacity.

If you’re planning to be the next big artiste in the world, there’s one place where your talent will be supported to the utmost. Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI) the best Digital Marketing course for you.

At ADMI innovation is at their DNA. They teach skills that will make the world more informed, build talent for a 21 st Century marketplace and create courses that can make the invisible visible, by turning business dreams into reality.

They teach the next generation of African innovators the tools, skills and strategies to create lasting change.

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