Otile Brown

A lot of artistes complain about how their names are misused for other people’s personal gain which is a crime.

This time Otile Brown fell victim to a conman or woman for that matter who poses as Fena Gitu saying that Otile Brown has opened a new branch where he will be selling shoes and he is in need of employees of whichever gender.

Otile Brown

The post even had an age limit of 18 years and above and the salary which was 17,000. The best part of this offer was that they would get free accommodation during their time working for him.This was eventually brought to Otile’s attention and man was he mad! He took to social media with a P.S.A (public service announcement) letting his fans know that he only has two accounts so one should not fall victim to these conmen.

Wezi nyinyi! Timmy Tdat and Otile Brown accused of stealing Wembe by Swahili artist Spizzo


Otile Brown told his fans that when he’ll have something to tell his fans he will use the avenues mentioned above. He joked around saying if guys ever see such a thing they should ask them to WhatsApp call to prove that they are Otie Brown.

Am tired of chasing and catching these conmen.. maze can we just try to be wise 🙏 .. and that’s not Fena btw .. This is my only official Instagram page and on Facebook I only run a page with 78,000 followers .. hizo mbili 2 pekee yake maze , kua mjanja jamani .. nikiwa na ujumbe au MatangaZo yoyote ntayafanya pitia hizi page .. Mtu akijifanya kua mimi mwambie apige WhatsApp Video call uhakikishe

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