Advice image-Courtesy/mattjeacock

Now that Harambee Stars has progressed to the knock-out stage of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, Kenyans need to learn a thing or two.

The next stage will be even more nerve-wracking than Harambee Star’s match against Tanzania’s Taifa Stars.

We gatchu, here are tips you can employ when watching Harambee Stars AFCON matches to avoid a heart attack.

1 Watch with two or more people around you in case of a heart attack.

2 Eat before watching to avoid loss of appetite and starvation.

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3.Keep a glass of water and sip a little any time its corner against Harambee Stars.

4. Don’t bet more than 100/= on any match to avoid high blood pressure

5. Keep dangerous objects out of reach while watching.

6. Get up at regular intervals to stretch your arms and legs.

7. Watch on TV instead of listening to Radio, to avoid waking up from the hospital only to be told the ball did not enter the net.

8. Sleep immediately after the match to avoid the transfer of anger.

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