With the children being away from schools due to coronavirus, it’s hard for some parents to continue having intimacy.

Some due to small spaces they live in and some due to the ages of the kids.

Worry not as here are tips in how to lighten up your se3 life.

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1– s@x chat

One way of keeping an intimate connection with your partner is by talking dirty.

Text him/her on the things you wish you could do if you had the time.

2- Random show of affection

Steal random kisses whenever you can that way the spark will keep glowing.

3- Spare some time to just chill and cuddle

Hard as it might be,it will remind you what brought you together in the first place.

4. Send the kids away

If you have someone who can baby sit maybe for an hour, give them the kids and take advantage of that one hour to go for bedminton.

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5- Quickie

If everything else fails random quickies might help. It can be in the shower, kitchen, bedroom, study room or any place you find comfortable.

The mission is for you to enjoy intimacy as a couple.

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