Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha kissing
Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha kissing

We want a kiss that leaves us wanting more. Whether you are a terrible kisser, a good kisser, or a great kisser you can always get better.

How to improve your kissing skills:

1. Kiss how they kiss

Take charge if you must, just to ensure you play by your own rules.

Make the process as smooth as possible.

If your partner is the initiator, ensure you pay attention to their lead.

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2. No teeth

I repeat. Do not use your teeth!

One of the worst kissing moments is when someone comes in to kiss you and their teeth are there and they knock against your teeth.

It is very uncomfortable and awkward.

Teeth are not part of kissing.

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3. Pause for air

Take a break for a moment to take a breath.

You may whisper something sweet or something sexy or just stare at your partner.

Just make sure you are gasping as much air as possible.

4. Swapping spit is gross

We have all had that kiss that was way too wet for comfort.

Ensure you are not producing excess spit I mean sure kissing is wet, but try not to drool.

And, by try I mean do not.

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5. Tilt your head

When you go in for a kiss tilt your head a little to the left or right depending on the side the initiator tilts.

Avoid going straight forward you’re either going to get a quick peck, or you’re going to bump heads.

A great way to come up for air.

6. A little bit of tongue

A little tongue goes a long way.

When you are kissing someone more deeply and tongues get involved, don’t stick your whole tongue in their mouth.

No one wants you to examine their molars with your tongue.

Just use a little of your tongue, and be gentle while you’re at it.

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