Earlier in the year, Tina Kaggia shared some of her New Year’s resolutions. She said that as far as she was concerned, she was going to:

1.Stop ghosting good guys.
2.Wake up an hour earlier than necessary.
3.Read the Bible more.
4.Meditate more.
6.Laser off something.
7.Teach the kids how to play chess.
8.Grow back my hair.
9.Save hard!
10.Less jeans and vests, more little dresses.
11.Drink more water.
12.Go on more dates. I actually don’t like them.

I have no idea which ones she didn’t follow through on but the ones I know she followed through on include number 1 and 12.
And she subsequently landed a man. His names are Brian Robert Kinyanjui and the pair were in Kenya’s Coastal region enjoying some R&R. This follows what was a tumultuous marriage to JB Masanduku which was characterized by alcoholism complaints aswell as allegations of abuse and infidelity.

The pair have been in each other’s comments posting loving messages like:

Or how about this one:

Whatever the case may be, here are some photos of her and her new bae enjoying some sun at the Coast province:

I reached out to her for a comment on whether they are dating and she replied letting me she is busy living her best life. We at Mpasho wish her the best in the new chapter of her life that is this new relationship.