Ringtone who was the head of Papa Dennis’ funeral committee lashed out at promoters who use artists then dump them.

Speaking during the burial in Kakamega, he also fanned the emotions of the mourners by narrating how he talked down to a cop who tried disrespecting the memory of Papa Dennis.

I’d like to say this, I don’t fear, and when I’m in front of people I cannot lie. I was thrown away when I was little and God has brought me this far. The only person I fear is the God. The time for promoters to take musicians and use them for business then dump them is over in Kenya. You cannot tell us you’ve gotten a child from here who is talented, has potential, has been created by God, who if he wouldn’t have come to you the Lord would have taken him to a better place then dump him. You’re not the Lord.


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Sadat MuhindiHe later turned to speak to some of the guests who were in attendance.

I’d like to speak to this people seated here, you guys have so much money, you’ve eaten well and are now satisfied, you are wearing expensive clothes but you will not take children from Matunda and use them then dump them! If it’s like that, leave this children of God here in Matunda the Lord will take care of them from here.

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A boy from the crowd asked where Sadat was, and Ringtone answered that he was in Dubai.

Sadat has posted he’s in the business class in a plane going to Dubai. may God forgive him. Right now when we look at social media we are seeing people on planes going to Dubai. Shame on you! Everybody say ‘shame on you’!

Papa Dennis memorial mass

Ringtone then spoke about Papa Dennis’ last moments on earth.

When I got the message from Mjukuu that Papa Dennis had passed away, I ran so fast to Pangani and Papa Dennis was lying down on the soil. I pushed away the CID who threw away the cloth covering Papa’s body.

I told The Policeman, that this man lying down here has more importance than you. And when he asked me who I was, I told him I’m a very big person in the Kingdom of God.

Papa Dennis memorial mass

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Ringtone then spearheaded the burial arrangements using the liitle clout and influence he had.

They planned to have a committee meeting somewhere in a small hotel on Biashara street.

We asked someone with a small hotel somewhere there to let us have the meeting and when Sadat came, he said the hotel was dirty and smelly and he wanted us to move to a bigger and better hotel but Mjukuu told him to go to the big hotel and call for his meeting from there, we’ll attend.

In conclusion, Ringtone mentioned that the send-off of papa Dennis was made possible by the Kenyan artistes.

The program has been printed by an artist, all these things we are seeing here it is Kenyan artists who have made it possible.

Papa Dennis

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