T.I.D is clearing the air.

He is around (Kenya) ready to launch his fifth album but he knows he needs to clean up some dirt. He talked to Nation and confessed he was deep into ecstasy and cocaine but recovered from the addiction before it became a health hazard.

T.I.D was once accused of threatening Ray C. Apparently, during her hard time trying to get clean, she was physically assaulted by Chidi Benz who has also on several occasions been jailed for drug intake and trafficking.

During that time, it was reported by Tanzanian blogs that T.I.D was also threatening to physically assault her. This was when T.I.D was at the peak of his addiction.

It was later reported that this was all because of a drug lord from Tanzania who did not want her to leave the circle.

Ameokoka! TID opens up about his struggles as a drug addict and his new album

T.I.D was grateful for the question because all that, he says are not true. He cleared the air saying:

it’s good you asked me personally so that I can clear the air. Sometimes, you writers read and report all you see on the tabloids without fact-checking. These were all but fake news

T.I.D and Ray C were both helped by the former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete to quit drugs and reform their lives.

JK (Jakaya Kikwete) is my dad, forever, he will always be.

Last year, under Magufuli’s regime, many Tanzanian artistes were arrested for being in possession of drugs. The likes of Wema Sepetu, Diamond Platnumz, Vanessa Mdee, Chidi Benz were arrested. Vanessa even pointed out that her relationship with Juma Jux actually got her in trouble.

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