Jacque and Joe in court
Jacque and Joe in court

Jacque Maribe at this point in her life needs two things, support and prayers.

According to her close friends and colleagues who have visited her both when she was in Gigiri Police station and now in Langata Women’s prison, say all she asks of her friends, family and fans is “prayers”.

Just when we thought her friends were nowhere to be seen or heard based on their social media activities, today they showed nothing but love and support for her during the hearing of her case.

Jacque Maribe who has been charged with the murder of Monicah Kimani alongside her fiance Joseph Irungu alias Jowie was today looking a bit better.

Could it because of all the support she got from her friends? Well, in the courtroom, Kambua who is her colleague at Citizen TV and Muthoni Wa Mukiri were seen looking concerned and she took her plea.

Netizens have been wondering where her close friends are with some raising eyebrows and questioning their friendship.

According to a close source, her friends were seen outside the courtroom agter the hearing to chat with Jacque

Sadly the judged pushed the bail hearing to another court which will be heard on the 17th of October.

Here is a list of the friends who showed up in court to give Jacque support:

  1. Dennis Itumbi friend and rumored to be Jacques ex-lover right before Jowie

Dennis Itumbi2. Kambua a Colleague at Citizen TV

3. Muthoni Wa Mukiri a colleague but works for Inooro TV

4. Terryanne Chebet a close friend to Jacque Maribe and a former colleague

TerryAnne Chebet
TerryAnne Chebet sheds tears of joy

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5. Kirigo Ngarua is a close friend to Jacque and a former colleague to Jacque Maribe

Kirigo Ng’arua

Kirigo Ng’arua6. Monica Kiragu is a colleague and a close friend to Jacque

Monica Kiragu with Jacque Maribe
Monica Kiragu with Jacque Maribe

7. Shix who is Jacque Maribe’s best friend
Shix Kapienga

8. Francis Gachuri who is her boss at Citizen TV

Francis Gachuri with Jacque Maribe
Francis Gachuri with Jacque Maribe