Police officers access the premises where four family members were gruesomely murdered at Karuri village, Kiambaa, Kiambu county leaves the scene on January 6, 2020/ANDREW KASUKU

It is not enough that the kind of the Kiambu murder victims has lost their loved one, there are plans by nefarious characters to steal funds being raised to bury them tomorrow.

Nicholas Njoroge Warunge, his wife Ann Wanjiku, their adopted nephew Maxwell Njenga, his brother Christian Njenga Njoroge and farmhand James Kinyajui Wambaa were butchered at their Kiambu home.

The son, Lawrence Warunge has told police he did it. He is being held as the prime suspect for the murders.

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Kiambu murders victims funeral fundraising

They are set to be buried at the same place the murder took place.

It turns out that the mourning Kiambu family was ambushed by thugs who thought that the money fundraiser was left at the homestead.

Allan Warunge, the brother of the Nicholas, one of the murder victims narrated to Kameme TV,

“I was alerted by the security guards at around 12:30 at night that there two people who wanted to open the gate, both on the left and the right side. I called the chief immediately and he called the OCPD. They acted with speed.”

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Scared for their safety, Allan added,

“We cannot sleep because we keep feeling like we will be attacked. The security guards fear that there were more than two people who came to the house.”

Allan told the TV station that there are no funds being kept in their homestead, all the monies are being handled by the funeral committee.

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