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Many girls around the world would want to have a piece of Idris Elba. They are thirsty AF. Most of my close friends secretly admire him. The female celebrities I interviewed in 2015 shamelessly confessed on camera that they would drink up Idis if he was Soda. Now, there was a time Lupita Nyong’o met him, and it was ADORABLE.

This happened in January 2014 at the W Magazine Best Performances Golden Globes party, in Los Angeles. I recently talked to a lady who has met Idris and done a video project with him and she was seemingly in her own world. Did she see me as insignificant? No. If she was, she wouldn’t have f*cked with me. She would have just lengad my vibe.

You Won’t Believe What Lupita Nyong’o Said About Comedian Kansiime (PHOTO)

Anyway, she just feels herself – to some extent.

Now, the party was attended by the likes of Naomi Harris, Cate Blanchett and Michelle Dockery. That’s when Lupita got to pose with the man for a photo.

This is the man I am talkin’ about:

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