Yo! You must have loved one of these classics at one point in time.

1. Deadly by Nameless– Is there really a song that Nameless has done that hasn’t left a mark on fans?

Nameless is one of those iconic artists who gave us good music from way back then and there are a number of hits we would have added to this list.

Deadly is a timely and catchy song that praises a woman that Nameless got attracted to.

The chorus describes the beauty of the woman as deadly and shapely.

2. Juju by Nameless ft Mr Lenny- Juju is a banger; Juju in all descriptions is just a song that even the current generation of Gengetone would yearn for.

Juju is a catchy song that talked about the charm a woman has given to the man who has crazily fallen in love. The song was done by Nameless and Mr Lenny.

3. Mateso by Tattu- Where did they go to? If you remember this track then you would certainly miss the girl band Tattu who dominated the early 2000s with their gifted voices.

Mateso was a song that received heavy airplay back in the day performed and written by girl group Tattu that was made up of Angela Ndambuki, Debbie and Liana Ochola.

The three girls took different paths career wise but one thing is for sure they gifted us with some great music .

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4. Boomba Train by E-sir ft Nameless- If there is a song that would still make a hit in this current time without much objection then it has got to be Boomba Train.

E-Sir was a celebrated Kenyan rapper who paved a way for rappers in Kenya and once you play Boomba Train it would be clear why there is so much hype on E-sir.

E-Sir who was signed under Ogopa Deejays teamed up with Nameless to share this magic and we so much miss the good vibe the song brought.

5. Amka Ukatike by Czar- This is another artist in this list that one would ask about his whereabouts.

Czar came to the limelight with his hit song Amka Ukatike that did so well and fans loved it.

The handsome young man at the time was still in high school as he gifted the country with this hit song.

His whereabouts may be unknown but his song is still there with us for us to remember him with.

6. Kwaheri by Jua cali ft Sanaipei Tande- Kwaheri was one of the biggest collabos back in the day and it is without a doubt magical.

After all Genge icon Jua cali mashing it up with the great vocals of Sanaipei Tande could leave fans with nothing but fond memories of what good music was like back in the day.

Kwaheri was so massive that these two artists later joined forces to do an extension of the song. Kwaheri talks about Sanaipei Tande leaving Juacali over cheating as dramatized in the video.

It is interesting to note that unlike most of the big names from back then who disappeared from the music scene.

Jua Cali and Sanaipei have both been consistent in the industry till date.

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7. Githurai by Mr lenny ft Mr Googz and Vinnie Banton- Githurai town has always been famous for cheeky reasons at least most of the time but this song painted a different picture of the town.

The artistes who were involved in making this hit song included MrLenny, Mr Googz who years after shifted from the secular world t o gospel and Vinny Banton.

8. Tuendelee by Kleptomaniax- Tuendelee ama tusiendelee?

Kleptomaniax, a group consisting of Nyashinski, Collo who also gave his life to Christ and joined the gospel scene and Robba blessed the country with good music.

Tuendelee was a diss track that received heavy rotation by the media and Kenyans could not get enough of the banger

9. Chonga Viazi by Boomba clan- chonga viazi was a comical and satirical song that talked about the consequences of being unable to settle the bill in a restaurant when taking a girl out on a date.

Chonga viazi is still a darling to Kenyans with fans barely recognizing the group Boomba Clan.

It is interesting to note that one of the member of the group is the CEO of popular recording label Mainswitch Studios, Philip Makanda and the another member by the name Thome works behind the scene on the music scene with a close relationship with Philip Makanda

10. Let’s get down by Prezzo ft Nazizi- This list is endless; however there had to be a shortlist of some that featured on the article.

Let’s get down by Prezzo and Nazizi concludes the list as one of the biggest mash-ups from back in the day.

Let’s get down is a party song that levels up the mood. The juicy part of the song is the turn taking between Nazizi and Prezzo.

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