She was a pretty, beautiful, and  true definition of an African woman before someone lied to her that she would rule the world if she were  a “mzungu”. Vera Sidika confessed to having used millions on skin lightening, and this has become a fashionable trend in Kenya as many ladies have turned to bleaching in the name of being sexy.

Meet The Sexiest Dark Skinned Socialites In Kenya

Kenyan female celebrities  have taken the entertainment industry by storm, and you will agree with me that there are more light skinned compared to dark skinned ones. Could that be the reason women are flocking River Road to buy “Mkorogo”?

It’s said that Kenyan men prefer light skinned women, and that ‘s why our socialites charge millions for thirsty clients who want to taste their honey pots. People should be happy and appreciate God the way they are.

Vera Sidika Exposed For Allegedly Charging 1.5 Million Kenyan Shillings To Rich Tycoons Who Want To Sleep With Her (PHOTOS)

Check out photos of Vera Sidika before skin lightening