Woman crying

A Kenyan woman has narrated of how she almost lost her life while trying to save her marriage. She remained in the abusive relationships just for the love she had for her ex.

For *Stella not even her boyfriend stealing from her could make her leave him.

I had this guy and he was very abusive.

one day he broke into my house strangled me into unconsciousness and threw me over the balcony and despite the fact that it was only the first floor it was a bit high up.

My neighbours came to my rescue and took me to the hospital.

my parents came we went to the police, and before this he had abused me several times and used to blame it on him being high on alcohol so i used to forgive him.

Stella confesses that despite her ex-boyfriend being from a wealthy family the theft kept happening.

As a woman you just forgive and forget, he would also steal things such as electronics from my house and sell them despite being from a very wealthy background.

She goes on to narrate all the mean things the man put her through.

It reached a point where he started stealing money from my ATM, prior to the strangling incident he had stolen our gas cylinder.

He came into the house through the balcony at 5am and that’s when he started strangling me.

Despite my efforts to fight back i couldn’t because he was well built and he was also drunk.


Well if you think that is the worst part then you are wrong as the man called the ladies parents while still strangling her.

He called my mum while strangling me and told my mum that my cry for help would be the last thing she would here from me.

He threw my phone into the aquarium so that i don’t ask for help, he then threw me over the balcony and when i gained consciousness i was in a hospital bed.

My moment of reckoning came after a police officer told me that if i don’t leave that guy i might end up dead.

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