Lady Maureen

Ohangla singer Lady Maureen’s mother Margaret Akinyi has accused her daughter’s friends of deserting her in sickness.

Speaking to, the mother said she was frustrated and disappointed.

“For the past year, I’ve not seen any friend mwenye alikuwa anakula nao Blueband huko Nairobi. Wanasemanga kibaya ndio inabakia mzazi, na mimi ndiye nimebakia naye,” Akinyi said. 

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The Wagni Wabiro hitmaker has been sick for two years, and Akinyi said she has been taking care of her alone, including spending nights in hospital with her.

Akothee recently came to the rescue of the ailing Ohangla queen and transferred her from a local hospital in Kisii to The Jaramogi Oginga Referral Hospital.


“Her health has improved compared to five days ago. She was weak, couldn’t walk or eat, but now she can,” Akinyi said.

She thanked Kenyans for supporting her daughter financially during her sickness. Doctors at the institution are yet to diagnose her illness.

“Blood samples were taken on Monday and X-rays done though the results are not out yet,” Akinyi said.

Speaking to Word Is on the phone from her hospital bed, Lady Maureen said,

“I’m weak and in pain,” promising to call later after taking breakfast.

Akinyi is not happy with artistes who squander their fortunes in their heyday.

Remember where you came from and your parents as well,” she said.

“If God blesses you, don’t squander your money with strangers or rather people who don’t advise you to invest, because when you go broke, they all run away and it is us, parents, who suffer, especially if you get sick just like my daughter’s case.”

Adding, “There’s no true friend like Jesus Christ. He will never desert you when everyone else does. Niko na uchungu mwingi kwa sababu sina mali yoyote mtoto wangu ameniachia.”

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She reminded artistes to invest wisely.

“When they are doing well, they don’t remember those back home, but when life changes for the worse, they become a burden to parents,” Akinyi said.