The late Shanty who passed on during Naifest and apparently his body left there has brought a lot of controversy.

In the beginning they claimed no one touched him but now new evidence, a video of the bouncers beating him up has emerged.

People who were present during Naifest stated that the bouncers were rough.

After the death of Shanty there has been constant campaign for justice and Frasha has joined the debate.

He shared through various posts on his Instagram of how none of us should let the blood of a young man go in vain.

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He is met up with the parents to the boy to help them find justice for their son.

Frasha demands that the people who beat him to death should be brought forth and face the law.

He posted a video of shanty being beaten and said,

”The truth shall set you free these are the last moments of shanty before he died. I hope this help to get justice for him,” he continued.

Terence creative commented,’ ‘Uchungu ni ati waliwatch akipigwa saadd saana. We are waiting for Justice