Gospel artiste Bahati has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. From mistreating artistes signed under his label to oppressing those that defer with his opinion.

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Bahati in the past one week orchestrated the arrest of 20-year-old singer Peter Blessing and producer Paulo, leaving Kenyans angry with him.

One of his followers Jackie Maina commented on one of the artiste’s posts telling him to be humble and treat everyone with respect.

I see your downfall very soon if you won’t change your pride don’t feel too comfortable the site is getting hot we the fans make you or break you.

The father of four savagely responded to his follower.

NO YOU’RE WRONG, ONLY GOD CAN BLESS OR CURSE 😃 Alafu who’s “WE”??? Sema “YOU” 😂’ he wrote.

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Kenyans are fed up with Bahati and they flooded his Facebook timeline, bashing him.

Bahati and Nameless
Artises nameless and Bahati

Below are some of the comments

Al Qahuhoss What would cost you to wear decently like a gospel singer and a respectable married man… A father of three still sagging pants? Grow up!

Lucy Nyoike Why are you pretending to be gospel artist while you work is using others for you to success shame on you Bahati may thunder from heaven strike you majestically kumbaff.

Emmanuel Kitili What happened to Rebecca Soki and Princes Leo? You guys wat you don’t realise is Bahati is a pretender and a fool who uses young talent to blackmail Kenyans

Wendy Joy You mistreat others in the name of kuwasaidia..mscheeeew! We are watching you. Locust wewe.

Cece Mwas Now that umekuwa father Abraham si uvae Kama mbaba, must you sag jeans and pose like a highschool teenie whenever you are taking photos

Braddox Hastings After all you’ve been doing to that poor kid? To a point of getting him arrested? Now I know why EMB has and will never nature any genuine talent. Kwenda uko!

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Billy Wekesa Bahati why is it that every artist u have worked with they all complain about you, it means you are a problem. plz go on ur knees seek forgiveness from God.

Aggie Mwasya I really don’t know what became of you. Why are you pretending to be a gospel artist and you oppressing the poor
Free Peter blessing then come and brag here.

Tamana Josfynne The rate @which NTV z changing ua programme will end up been schedule for 1 am usiku wamanane can’t u see they don’t want to host it? My thinking thou.