Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo is one of the most well-known journalists in Kenya and news anchors in KTN. He is also known for being very active on social media especially on twitter. His main focus of late has been entertainment, technology and current affairs.

‘You Attend 100 Weddings In A Year Na Hujawai Pata Mtu.. Kwani We Ni Tent?’ Fans Beg Larry Madowo To Marry

As much as he is a bachelor it looks like he is going to be an uncle soon. Larry’s sister, Liz Madowo, seems like she is going to be a mother. She is a fashion blogger and his personal stylist. He posted this photo of him and his grandma sharing a very hearty laughter saying,


Me: Dana, your granddaughter is having a baby girl called Zoe‬
‪Dana: Roy?‬
‪Me: No, Z-O-E!‬
‪Dana: I’ll just call her Roy‬

And this is how most people reacted to this post:

iamdidasham: timeless
roygrace__shee😂😂😂😂 kwa kwa kwaa heeeeeeey
hellen_smexy:Wow that laughter 😘
ms_muokiI: miss my granny😢😢😢
brayo_powers: Kwenda uko @larrymadowo impressive dear
foreva_eddy: Hillarious
leovetazenga: Waaa hicho kicheko
mcstero: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love the smile on her !!!
belovedjudy: Priceless! May God keep her much longer.
feyonceargos: I can totally relate! When I tell shosh am “Phiona”, she says “Yonah”😅😅😅😅
akaldaniel: I like this ….and I love such moments
madowopaul: Long live dana
awish_85Dana: apenji ikendo karango? @larrymadowo just kidding.
tonyairo: Nimependaaaaaaaa
sentesente: @larrymadowo, from that infectious laughter it is clear that Dana has silver on her hair and gold in her heart.
ladyanncharles: That laughter is infectious I say…. Found myself laughing. Nice moments
clarksoncaranJoma goyi: ati you only hung a round with the slay queen,shud know you have a wife
lavilavlav: @clarksoncaran I know right!! And she seems funny as hell….
mildred_k_mildredu: waah si huo mdomo utararuka yawa
atienoyver: Oops congrats Liz madowo
polyannatajish: This pic is epic…just capturing the emotions in one click just perfect…
jaymugambi: Beautiful is an understatement
hellenakuria: That from- the-heart laughter💕💕
zoemdachi: @larrymadowo …you come to accept and adopt to all sorts of pronunciation because only 1% will ever pronounce this name right…ive been called Suu…Sue…Zuu….Njoi….Zo….Soi…..and yes on many occasions the email is addressed to MR. Zoe. yup😐