Maina Kageni

Prominent radio personality Maina Kageni has advised Kenyan women to be more alert when it comes to how many times to forgive a man’s mistakes.

Maina was talking in regards to Esther Arunga’s 10 month on parole for lying about what really caused her son’s death.

Esther Arunga to be sentenced for misleading police on son’s murder

According to Maina Kageni most Kenyan men ‘get arrested’ on Friday only to be realeased on Sunday but here is the catch.

Women, your men have a policeman in various police posts and that policeman will call you on Sunday and tell you kujia nyagau yako.

Your husband/boyfriend  will be called and he will come out of the cells wearing one shoe yet he arrived at the station 2 hours before you.

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Maina adds,

Today being a Friday most men will switch their phones off.

Kenyan men don’t understand that they are married to good women.

Women who will take a loan for them, cry when no one knows the whereabouts of their men and men still don’t get it.

Maina Kageni

Its a plot. If you give a man more than 5 chances that n*gga will never learn.

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