Controversial Congolese Lingala and rhumba singer Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba aka Koffi Olomide, is as I write, being deported from Kenya following his arrest last evening moments after his interview at Citizen TV. He was pounced on by police officers right outside the Royal Media Services offices.

This followed his assault incident at the JKIA, Nairobi yesterday morning when he was captured on video kicking one of his female dancers. The video went viral in a flash!!

Watch Koffi Olomide Kick His Dancer Savagely At JKIA (VIDEO)

Yesterday evening a few hours before his arrest, he issued a video apology where he denied that he had kicked the dancer. Many fans had purchased tickets for his much hyped show which had been scheduled to take place this evening at the Bomas of Kenya. VIP tickets had been declared sold out by Friday afternoon. The show has since been cancelled.

Koffi Olomide Finally Speaks Out After Video Of Him Kicking One Of His Female Dancers At JKIA Surfaced (VIDEO)

The Kenyan incident is not the first controversy facing the legendary singer. He has been involved in many others before. Here is a number of the most memorable ones:

  1. February 2012: a French judge charged Koffi with three counts of rape and illegal confinement after complaints from three of his former backup dancers. He was given a three-month suspended prison sentence.
  2. August 2012: he was given a three-month suspended prison sentence for assaulting his producer. This followed his arrest after fracas at a hotel in Kinshasa, DRC.
  3. January 2013: he escaped arrest by Zambian police by a whisker on suspicion of assault. He had been reported to the police for a assaulting a freelance journalist at the upmarket Taj Pamodzi Hotel during one of his shows.
  4. A couple of years ago Koffi blithely stepped on the toes of many Catholics in Kinshasa when he added “Benedict XVI of the Congo” to his names. This was seen as an affront to Pope Benedict XVI – the then global head of the Catholic church. Worse still, he placed banners at various spots in Kinshasa.
  5. During a tour in Cameroon in 1999, it is said he left the country cursing and swearing never to return again. He once refused to ride in a limo because it didn’t have air conditioning.
  6. His worst humiliation came in 2001 when he was flagged down by security personnel in Kinshasa but he refused to the heed the order. The cops caught up with him, dragged him out of his Mercedes Benz Compressor and frog-marched him in public. He had to fly to France for treatment.