After Kenyans picked their jaws from the floor where they had dropped on hearing the news that gospel star Nicah was a punching bag for comedian Dr Ofweneke, the pressure was too much for the singer. Nicah was trolled by other females who did not show an iota of sympathy for being a victim of domestic violence. Here is the reason why Nicah had to delete all her photos of social media. Yaani commit social media suicide.

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Nicah deleted all her photos on Instagram after her confession about being a domestic violence victim saw her trolled and mercilessly attacked. What kind of society is this we live in where someone cannot get support as a victim. Instead they get shamed for speaking out?

“This whole thing is giving me a lot of stress. I don’t want to talk about it. Please understand,” Nicah told Mpasho. “I have deactivated my account so every post i have ever put up is down.”

But yesterday, she posted one photo to wish other women a happy international day.

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Here are some reactions from her fans including gospel star Janet Otieno.

She said, “Beautiful, I looove ????????”

muriungilydia You are such a strong woman, you are loved @nicahthequeen

nimoh2 Oak is strong but cannot stand up the storm. But pine tree bend during the storm but don’t break. It eventually rises up. I pray that God give u strength n peace during this hard times. #Happywomensday.

waithera_brandih Happy Women’s Day beautiful… You are so beautiful,always remember that ????????

muthonijudy Its gonna be alright bt i say no to Violence,if he doesn’t respects u let him be.,,,,,

kadesaheather (((((hugs))))))) mummy you will overcome

iam.muthoni You’ve always been my inspiration, your song(ushuhuda) gives me hope. I love you @nicahthequeen nd my God’s favor and blessings be with you always!

mercymuchiri471 Strong woman stays in prayers, everything happens with a reason. Be strong my dear.

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