Barely two weeks after openly gay artiste Joji Baro released a new song dubbed Same Love featuring sexy rapper Noti Flow; the government has banned the song. But why? Joji Baro and crew claim they came up with the song to show the challenges that homosexuals go through especially in third world countries.

UTAIPENDA! Kenya’s First Gospel Homosexual Singer And Sexy Lesbian Rapper Do The Unthinkable (VIDEO)

This came as a shock to Joji and his fans, and he took to social media to air his views. This is what he wrote.

“The wealthiest place on the earth is the cemetery / grave yard. The cemetery has books that were never written, the cure for AIDS and other diseases that were never discovered, dreams that were never achieved, leaders that never led, songs never sungs, its filled with potential. Die Empty, go to the grave empty. Say its finished. Go out today and use your untapped potential, never stop moving forward.”

Noti Flow also took to social media to express her disappointment at the government with these angry remarks

“WTF??? The Kenyan Government has banned our song ‘Same Love’, a collaborative effort between me and rapper Art Attack. The Government has also ordered the Kenyan Media NOT to distribute the song anywhere and asked Kenyans to avoid sharing or distributing the song on social media. Wow! What the hell? This is a simple song that celebrates SAME SEX rights and that acknowledges the rights of Gays and Lesbians.

The Kenyan Government tend to neglect Kenyan Citizens n Youth on important issues like job opportunities n shit that can take the country to another level but couldn’t hesitate banning a simple song about rights of people’s sex orientations! Well… We will not be moved. We stand by our song and it’s message. Arrest us if you wish! We are Unbowed. Watch the song. *link in bio * #peace ✌ One love #rainbow”

Do you think the government did the right thing?