Charles Njagua, commonly known as Jaguar is not only the Director of NACADA but also one of the most successful recording artists in Kenya. His most recent release with the award-winning South African duo ‘Mafikizolo’ has put the Kenyan music industry on the map, expanding its borders across Africa.

Through The ‘Jaguar Youth Empowerment Foundation’ he runs an initiative that aims to empower Kenyan youth to attain sustainable living.

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Over the weekend, the ‘Huu Mwaka’ singer visited Mukuru Kwa Rueben Slum, where he donated foodstuffs to various women’s groups.

He also donated footballs to the youth in that area. He stated that empowering the youth through sports, mostly football and performing arts not only helps them harness their talents but prevents them from getting involved in crime, alcohol and drug abuse. He firmly believes the war on drug abuse will only be won when the youth are involved in activities that will keep them occupied and motivated.

The drug dealers in such areas are using the influential yet idle youth to aggrandize themselves through their unethical business. This makes it very possible due to the alarming rate of unemployment amongst the youth.

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It is unfortunate that young people in this area are affected due to the mismanaged football stadiums. They are also afflicted by the poor drainage system hence unable to get involved in outdoor activities during the rainy season. During his visit, he had to walk around in Gumboots due to flooding and poor garbage disposal.

Jaguar strongly advises the government to take action and rehabilitate youth recreational centres. Also, fix up the poor drainage system which has exposed them to water-borne diseases. He strongly urges the government to sack officers who are selfishly taking the youths’ jobs, yet they do not carry out their duties. He also believes that the government should urgently prioritize the people living in the slums.