When Bahati came out to accuse Willy Paul, the Groove fraternity was quick to “dead the beef” no matter the collateral damage. This was unfair to Bahati. If what he said was true, Willy Paul owed him an apology in the least. Instead, everything was swept under the rag just for a proper Kodak moment. how Christianly of them! While Willy Paul skates off Scott free, Bahati has to contend with being called a cry baby.

And then there was the story that Willy Paul had abandoned his mother that was done by Ghafla. Again, rather than deal with the problem child, gospel bigwigs such as DJ Mo have decided to stand squarely in his corner.

So what does that say about the gospel industry? To Uncle Chim Tuna, as an outsider looking in, it tells me that there is alot of truth in the whispers about their being “camps” within the gospel fraternity. How else do you explain DJ Mo’s confidence that his refusal to help out any gospel artist who never turned up for his wife’s get together was a real threat? And the nerve of a man assuming that people OWED him help during his time of need!

Gospel Artists Refuse To Turn up For Size 8’s Fundraiser, DJ Mo Vows Only Help Out Those Who Came Through!

And here I was in my naivete thinking that the gospel of Jesus Christ calls for forgiveness and turning the other cheek? But what do I know? I am just a sinner.

And as for all the other gospel artists who sat by idly as these issues were raised, my Jesus weeps. How cowardly the gospel fraternity in Kenya is. How self serving! My Jesus was a rebel with a cause! He would do good where he could whether or not the people around him would appreciate his good deeds.

The Kenyan gospel industry is just full of Pharisees! But who am I to judge? Man must make his bread anyhow!


Everyone has a right to an opinion, MINE!