Mafisilets vuteni stool! Hot and sexy is an understatement to describe this guy. He is a wellness coach, a model and Zari Hassan’s gym instructor. He goes by the name Tumise.

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Remember when Zari gave birth and was in the gym after just one weeks? Well, this guy is behind all the flab attack that left Zari looking hot and toned.

Personally, I think Zari was the one who looked for such a guy as her instructor. I mean, if it were up to Diamond, he would look for a very unattractive instructor for his wife.

Kuleni kwa macho.

Tumise is definately the one ruling Zari Hassan’s gym manenos. Hata Diamond hana say hapa.

Why do I say this, this lad is behind what Mama Tiffah eats, what she drinks and I bet the two spend a lot of time together, working out. Stop what you are thinking…Doesn’t working out need a lot of time?

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With his kind of business, there must be a massive female following that come to get gym instructions. Personally, I wouldn’t mind him shouting instructions at me all day erryday.

Meanwhile, you can check out his handy work on Zari. Her body is well toned. What is not to like?

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