Yaani Kenya has gone to the dogs. How can two men just stroll into an Mpesa shop, rob the attendant and walk off into the sunset like nothing has happened? How, now?

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A shocking video has emerged online that shows two men walking into an Mpesa, breaking in and stealing from an Mpesa shop.

Both men have pistols and as one jumps over the counter to take all the money in the cashier box, the other one is on the look out.

The terrifying bit of the entire video is where an unsuspecting customer walks into the Mpesa shop to transact but he is scared off by the thief who is on the look out.

If he did not run off, the robber would have shot him.

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Kenyans on twitter have posted the CCTV footage online asking the security arm of the government to act and arrest the perpetrators ASAP.

Kenya has become a wild wild west movie. with outlaws brandishing guns, left, right and centre.

You can watch the footage below.

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