Kenyan gospel singer Size 8 has risen up the ranks to become one of the most celebrated artistes in the music industry. Her prowess on the mic has earned her a lot in her life including securing deals with top corporates.

Married to Dj Mo, the Mateke hit singer through her Instagram account revealed that her husband is the only man who has been able to tame her. She shared a photo of the special man in her life and had this to say.

“Haiya imagine he stole my heart pap! Yani how much I try to fight it nimewekwa box nikatulia ndani kama katoto woi nimewezwa. Kila mtu akona kiboko Chake.”

The power couple is one of the most admired couples. Size 8 is expectant.

Here Is Proof That Size 8 Is Excited About Her Pregnancy And Can’t Wait To Give Birth (VIDEO)