Kirinyaga deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri
Kirinyaga deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri

Kirinyaga deputy governor Peter Ndambiri spoke out after a clip of him in his birthday suit was circulated widely in the internet.

The clip is far from flattering with the deputy governor being slapped around by men who we don’t get to see.

Ndambiri revealed,

“They set me up and put me through a very agonising and traumatising moment,” the deputy governor said after recording a statement with the police.

One of the Ndambiri’s confidante said the extortionists were demanding Sh 5 million from the politician so as not to publish the video clips and photos.

Kirinyaga deputy Governor Peter NdambiriThe DG reportedly managed to source Sh1.3 million of the cash demanded, to the dissatisfaction of his attackers.

Without delving much into the details of the entire ordeal, Ndambiri said he feared that the assailants would have harmed or even killed him since they were armed with machetes.

“I, however, thank God that I am still alive. Those people would have killed if I didn’t comply with their orders and demands,” he said.

Now, police in Thika are holding one suspect in connection to the video spread online of Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri.

The suspect, allegedly a prison warder was arrested by detectives in Mwea, Kirinyaga County on Thursday morning and taken to Thika police station where he’s being grilled.

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Though police officers have declined to give detailed reports on the arrest, reliable sources indicate that the officer was attached to the deputy governor’s security detail before the last year’s general elections.

A senior officer at Thika police station said that detailed reports will be availed to the public once all the culprits are brought to book.

“We cannot give further information now because it will interfere with our investigations. We are currently trailing other suspects,” the officer said.

However the officer said that anyone with information that will give the officers crucial leads to the hideouts of other criminals to avail it saying it will be treated with confidence.

Ndambiri was forced to strip naked by his assailants on March 28, according to his close allies who confided the information to the star, in a Thika home while they were taking videos and photos of him and the woman.

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He was duped by the lady who claimed to have a property she was selling in an Estate within the suburbs of Thika town only to be accosted by the woman’s three accomplices and forced to strip naked.

On Wednesday, Ndambiri spoke for the first time after the video clip emerged. Ndambiri who spoke at Thika Police station refuted claims that he had eloped with the woman in the video, whose identity has been revealed as Elizabeth Njuguna claiming that he was set up by the individuals who are in a racket of criminals targeting politicians and those with deep pockets for extortion.

“It’s a clique of gangsters that is targeting the rich and politicians with an aim of extorting money from them. I fell in their trap. They set me up and put me through a very agonizing and traumatizing moment,” Ndambiri said.

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