Men and women can be friends!

I am sick and tired of listening to that lie! And on this one I am speaking as Uncle Chim Tuna on behalf of all the lads in Kenya.
It is time this retrogressive and harmful rumour, this backwards midwives tale is put to bed. Men and women were never designed to be just friends. Such a notion defies the very laws the world was founded on.


I have had a rather interesting chat with the men and women in my office and I posed what seemed at first to be an innocuous question;

can men and women truly be friends?

You see, I come from an Old Testament upbringing. I am therefore a man’s world and feel no urgency to conform to the world. I have always believed that a man will never voluntarily befriend a lass unless he wants her in a romantic capacity.

But back to the conversation we had in the morning;

Most of the more “appropriate” individuals in the office acknowledged that they indeed had friends of the opposite sex. Well and good seeing as I anticipated that rot. But soon enough I was separating the chaff from the wheat with this simple question I asked men…

Would you be comfortable if your woman spent time alone with her male best-friend?

What do you think the response was?


When you ask the man right next to you if he would sleep with most of his female friends, if he truly is an honest man, and unless he has already done so, his response will be yes.

kanye gif lol

Why then do women hold on to this false notion of agape love? Why then do women believe with all their might that they can be friends with men? Why has this gospel been perpetuated with such vigour? Uncle Chim Tuna believes the answer to this simple question is this:

  • Women want to continue manipulating the men who are spining for a glimpse at their garden of Eden -everyone knows there is no sadder story than that of a man in the friendzone


  • Men can indeed have female friends but only if the female in question is fugly -because of this truth, women have refused to accept they are fugly.


So Sorry lol