steve harvey

Filthy rich television personality Steve Harvey was contracted to host this year’s Miss Universe pageant. During the just concluded show, he made the biggest f*ck up ever. He announced the wrong winner and first runners-up.

Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez was so happy when she was announced as the overall winner, only for Steve to realize his mistake and re-announce Miss Phillipines as the REAL winner. How could he do this?

He later took to Twitter to apologize profusely, before going on to Facebook to issue a personalized statement:

“Hey Everyone,

I made a terrible mistake tonight in announcing the wrong winner and runner-up for the Miss Universe pageant. I know how much pride many countries, fans and most importantly, the contestants take in preparing for this night. I hope that you can forgive me.

All contestants were amazing but I want to specifically apologize to Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines again and wholeheartedly. You both represented well for your countries, families and yourselves.

– SH”

I feel sorry for Miss Colombia, who only got to wear the crown for a few seconds before it was given to the rightful winner. What do you feel about the f*ck up?

Watch the video: