Mishi Dora has this time taken to the Internet with something very personal about her life. She posted a sad caption talking about the loss of her father which broke her.

Mishi Dora

She wrote:

Today I have received the biggest blow … I have lost my hero… my love… my dad The only man that I’m answering to his surname
..the man that has stood by me through thick and thin… the man that has always reminded me that I’m a pretty and very special child that deserves nothing but the best.. the man that has always seen the good on me even when no one saw it… one that has never looked down on me …one that has always fought for my rights.. . I call him Jenga man (Mr Ojenge)…. Go well daddy… Go well my love… I will dearly miss you

She even credited him with always making her feel like she was worth more even when no one thought she was. This was clearly something that deeply affected her.

‘Today, I’ve lost my hero, my dad’ mourns Mishi Dorah

The Internet never lacks the haters who just never know when to clap back and probably when to just shut up.

Mishi Dora

A fan went on facebook and wrote such a hateful and bitter message making sure she tagged Mishi who is moaning the loss of her own father.

Mishi Dora mishi Dora nimekuita mara ngapi?mama jua kuishi na watu after insulting mzazi wa mtu hana kitu and her mum angetoa sperm you lost your dad today and you expect people kuomboleza na wewe have respect and respect other ppls parents .God can punish you kwa njia tofauti heshima sio utumwa mama na kueshimu mzazi wa mtu muhimu sana,usitake kuwa famous kwa kutusi mzazi wa mtu mama

This caption came after the reunion where Mishi was attacking Gertrude saying she should have never been born with more words that I don’t think I can even utter because well, we would be disrespecting someone’s mother.

‘Pendo and Mishi Dorah give a poor image of Kenyan women’ Kamene Goro

May Mishi’s father rest in peace and may we just give her the space to mourn in peace.