There are celebrities you wouldn’t believe are mothers given how good they look. I am not saying that mothers do not look good, I am merely saying that most Kenyan women let go of their physiques after they have children.

Whatever the case may be, there are some celebrities who look so fine, I can’t help but let my mind wander sometimes -about how lucky their husbands and/ or significant others are. And so it was on that vein that I was talking to my colleague and resident porn connoisseur, Chege Miati about MILFs.

And by the time the Vaseline had been put down long enough to construct a list, Chege had pointed me at some women I think make a definitive list of the sexiest celebrity mothers in Kenya.

And so we begin:

#1. Talia Oyando

#2. Nazizi

#2. Terry Anne Chebet

#3. Esther Wahome


#4. Lulu Hassan

#5. Cate Selina

#6. Victoria Rubadiri