An angry Lilian Muli has responded to a number of Kenyans who had asked why they are only focusing on showcasing international cases of Covid-19 patients.

First she posed

‘Those of you asking that we interview covid-19 patients at mbagathi etc are you implying we force the patients to tell their stories?

Can you be forced to tell your story if you were infected? Please Think before you speak.’

In a long response she further wrote

Quickrecovery to the infected.

I got several messages from people asking why we are telling stories of covid-19 patients abroad instead of the ones back here at home. 

This a global threat? It takes courage to speak out.’

Lilian added that it would be unethical of them to coerce or force information out of a patient.

‘It is unethical to coerce or force a patient to share their story.

Many perharps choose not to disclose that they are infected because of their personal reasons.

And perharps to avoid stigma which continues to be a thorn in the flesh of many societies when it comes to disease.

She urged Kenyans to pray for those affected instead of always rushing to criticize.

Lets pray for the infected to recover. When they are ready they will speak out and share their stories too.

These are sensitive times; people are seriously if and some are dying. Let’s be responsible.’