Tanasha Donna
Tanasha and Diamond's mother

We all want to have a good relationship with our mother-in-law’s and at times we might find ourselves being over friendly than we should.

At times we might discuss things we shouldn’t.

And below are some of those things you shouldn’t discuss with your mother-in-law.

Your husband’s bedroom prowess

You should never discuss with your mother in law how good or bad your husband is in bed.

That’s a topic best discussed with people your age, you can approach your best man and let him talk to your husband if everything else fails.

His infidelity

Most mother’s live their sons and chances are that they will defend him when they feel he is under ‘attack’.

Talk to him about it, if it fails talk to his best friend or your pastor.

How useless her son is

All parents love their kids no matter how ‘useless’ they might be.

So before you go ranting about how useless your husband is, ask yourself how his mother will take the news.

Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse

The best person to discuss with such issues is a non interested party.

Someone who has no involvement in the family, maybe a counselor.

Because if you first report your husband to his mum she might try convincing you to drop the charges.

And you might end up dead.

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