Domestic violence and rape cases have been on the increase and it’s sad when some of these incidents end up in murder.

We have lost so many people to rape and domestic violence. But the worst of all is the shame that survivors have to live with.

Below are some of the things you should never tell a rape/domestic abuse victim.

  1. It’s your fault

No one ever chooses to be a victim of rape nor domestic violence.

Telling a survivor that it’s their fault shows just how ‘stupid’ and ignorant you are.

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2. You deserve it

Nothing anyone does wrong justifies them to be sexually abused or beaten to justify that mistake.

Victims are not held responsible for the actions of perpetrators.

So before you tell a rape/domestic violence victim put yourself in his/her shoes and ask yourself if you’d want to be treated the same way.

3. Mbona ulienda kwake?

Really? If you have ever asked someone who has been raped or beaten this then you need help.

Going to live with someone or to visit someone is not a justification for them to abuse you.

Rapists are the problem, not the victims. Also, domestic violence abusers are the problem, not their victims.

4. You should have been ‘good’ to him

That is a lame excuse for justifying abuse.

For some people even if you licked the ground they walk on they will still abuse you.

Rape also happens in marriage, so before you tell someone ‘but he is your husband’ meaning how can that happen? Think long and heard.

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