Sports  presenter and content creator Tony Kwalanda has been trending after allegedly being  dating Joyce Maina.

It’s not a secret that he has a crush on media personality Joyce Maina  but that does not mean they are dating.

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Their dating allegations emerged after netizens went on to try prove that the man in an old photo with Joyce Maina was not DJ Mo as alleged.

Here are things you did not know about Kwalanda

  1. Tony is single, never been married.
  2. He is an avid golf player and he loves sports in general.
  3. He has had a crush on Joyce Maina for a long time, he even confessed to it on national TV.

‘I don’t know nor have I ever met DJ Mo,’ says Joyce Maina

4. He was born in Kakamega and is aged 36.

5. He has been in the sports industry for 11 years.

6. He works for Switch TV the same station Joyce Maina works at, he joined the company recently.

Kukaribia crush si mbaya after all.

Below is a photo of Tony Kwalanda,the man after Joyce Maina’s ‘lonely’ heart.


Tony Kwalanda

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