Kenyans are still trying to come to terms with the untimely death of Kenyan actress  Pretty Mutave who passed away on Tuesday morning.

Many knew her for the diverse roles she played on the screen and not much was known beyond that.

Below are things you didn’t know about her

‘I guess this was you calling it a wrap…..’ Lulu Hassan shares last moments with actress Pretty Mutave

  1. She was employed by Citizen TV’s Rashid Abdallah and his wife Lulu Hassan. This was through their company Jiffy Pictures.
  2. Mutave is known by different characters and roles she played on screen, among them

Ashina- in the show Udhalimu
Zelda  -in Arosto
lena –In Kijakazi
Waridi- In Moyo
Zari- In Maza
Dee- In Aziza

3. She had a ‘son’ named Abel, according to her Instagram posts. One of her posts hinted that Abel was only Mutave’s on screen son.

Sharing a photo of herself and Abel, she penned

‘This is baby #Abel in the show #maza .

I started bonding with this baby boy when he was 2 weeks old as a mother character I had to have food with most calories so I gain weight faster so it looks like baby fat.

Sometimes I did not wear corset to hold the stomach too immediately I changed my closet looked like his real mommy..

Mutave and her on-screen son Abel

Everyone one on social media kept asking is he your son …now you have the answer….( Note) nobody told me to do all that ….I just wanted to tell a story and look the part.’

‘I wish I could have known….’ Maza script writer mourns Pretty Mutave

4. Prior to her death Mutave had been ailing since March 2020.

5. Mutave, died on her way to Coast General Hospital.

6.She lived in Mombasa.

7.She died aged 30.

8. Mutave was working on a new project alongside Lulu Hassan.

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