Joyce Maina

Joyce Maina has been trending for days after being romantically linked to gospel spinmaster DJ Mo alias Baba Wambo.

A faction of netizens claimed the two were dating something Joyce strongly denied.

Joyce Maina

Apart from being linked to DJ Mo , how much do you know about Joyce?

  1. She is a TV host who currently works with Switch TV.
  2. Joyce auditioned for jobs without success for two years consecutively.
  3. She is an actress; she has featured in shows such as Sumu la Penzi.
  4. Joyce studied International Business Management in campus.
  5. She is dating, but contrary to what people think, she is not dating DJ Mo.
  6. Joyce lost her father James Maina more than two years ago.

Mr Maina died under unclear circumstances after his lifeless and decomposed body was recovered in his car, in river Embu.

‘I don’t know nor have I ever met DJ Mo,’ says Joyce Maina

Before the discovery he had been missing for weeks and efforts by his family to trace him had been ongoing.

He was aged 54.

7. She is a fashion fanatic and enjoys playing along with different pieces to create an authentic look.

8. She is keen on family and even though she is not married she hopes to one day settle and have a family of her own.

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