In this day and age it’s easy to find a man taking so many responsibilities of a woman he is not yet married to only to complain later.

Not that it’s bad but here are things you should not do for a woman you are not married to.

Paying her school fees

I have seen many tales of men who pay school fees for women who are not their wives end up so badly.

This happens in instances when the woman decides she does not want to continue dating this man anymore as she has found a better catch.

Some even end up getting killed, so kama mtu sio sister ama relative acha ang’ang’ane na masomo yake.

And if you decide to pay for her school fees, do it expecting nothing n return. Be a philanthropist.

Don’t assume just because you are paying her fee she will end up married to you.

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Taking care of her siblings

Women nowadays have learnt the art of asking their baes for money.

‘Oooh babe my sister needs pocket money, ooh babe my cousin needs this or that!’

Unless you are married don’t keep extending help to her extended family.

Because when you start even when you get married you cannot stop.

And if by bad luck you break up you will have no one to blame.

Buying her property

Some people make it early in life more than others and may be tempted to buy their women stuff.

This may be stuff like a car, an apartment or even land. What assurance do you have that you and that babe won’t breakup?

When you do will you get your stuff back? It’s too much work so save yourself by not buying in the first place.

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