Yesterday, the 2020 men’s conference was held at the Sarova hotel, men attended while women remained at work or at home nursing heart ache.

Well, here are things will no longer be doing according to the new rules learnt from the conference.

Men who are not being allowed into the Men’s conference

  1. Kuvaa vitenge zinafanana, such things we leave to people in choirs.


2. Educating your entire family given that they also have relatives to take care of.

3. Paying bills for your entire girls’ squad.

4. Sending fare when you are going for a sleep over at their place.

5. Paying child support for a child you deny them access to.

6. Holding your hands while out in public, that will only happen while in the supermarket to avoid over spending.

7. Cooking for your woman, according to teachings from the men’s conference a man’s work should be in the bedroom.

10 major topics being discussed at the men’s conference 2020

8. No more eating sausage and bread for breakfast, hence forth all men who attended the men’s conference will only be eating organic stuff.

Such include ngwaci, nduma among others.

9. Men will no longer be asking for permission to go somewhere. Such habits will be left for people who are still under 18 and living with their parents.

10. Henceforth no man will allow himself to be ridiculed on bedroom matters, if as a man you are a one minute man let her deal with it.

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