Controversial Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika last night alleged that her fellow Nairobi Diaries cast member Pendo, who is also a drama queen, threw a beer bottle at her. Fortunately or unfortunately, it hit the former’s body guard. 

From her Instagram post which she later took down, it seems like Vera reported the matter at Kilimani Police Station.

It’s still not clear what might have triggered the fight, but last week during a radio interview, Pendo trash-talked Vera and even claimed that the latter has loose morals and uses her body as currency in a form of ‘batter trade’ in exchange for ‘other goods’. (Check out the video on the post below)

“Tunajua Ni Biashara Gani Unafanya, Uza Tu!” Socialite Calls Vera Sidika A Prostitute [Video]

This latest incident could however turn out to be bogus, and maybe just a way to hype their show. (Check out the screenshot below)