black woman smiling

The lockdown being lifted is one of the best news we have had in weeks,now is the time for women to engage in these few acts of self love.

1-Visit a spa

Treat yourself to a massage session.

Being indoors for these past few months has caused alot of tension within the body, now is the time to let off some steam.

Booking an appointment would be advisable as Covid-19 cases are still on the rise.

2- Go shopping

Yes you read that right! Now is the time to treat yourself to some new dresses, lingerie and even shoes.

Do not allow yourself to over indulge as it can leave your pockets dented.


How about getting yourself waxed?

With the lockdown over, people have no more excuses as to why they are walking around with unkempt hairy peripherals.

It’s time to give yourself some TLC.

4– Try out some new sex styles

For people with kids, now is the time to try all those new bedroom styles you have been yearning to.

Just take your kids to visit a friend or a relative for a few days and you are sorted.

5- visit a salon

Gog et your hair and nails done, you can even include a facial.

6- Go for a date with your girls

It’s time to catch up an all the udaku you have been missing all this time .

After all life is too short not to gossip.

7– Resume your workouts

With the curfew extended and the lockdown lifted, there is no reason as to why you should not bring your sexy back.