Broke Man

What a man carries in his wallet can help one determine how serious such a man is. Do you find it hard to determine what to carry and what not to carry?

There is no need for filling your wallet with old receipts for chapati and madondo from your local kibanda.

Below are things that are a MUST have for all men.

1. Credit card and debit card.

Plastic is now the norm, but there’s no need to overdo it.

2. ID card (and business ID, if needed).

3. Cash

This is necessary especially for drinks at bars, paying friends back, and those annoying restaurants that are still cash-only, cash is necessary.

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4. Insurance cards

Illness does not knock first before striking, thus the affliction can come at any time, these cards ensure that one is able to access medical help any day anytime.

5. A business card

Business cards are important as they help one extend their business networks, carry a card and ensure it contains all the important details.

6. Condoms

Truth be told it is better to be prepared with a condom that to miss a s@xcapade because you don’t have a condom.

So if you do not have some please carry some.

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