Popularly known for The Drive Show on Kiss FM alongside Chipukeezy and Lynda Nyangweso, Jeff is one of the most talented and best presenters at Radio Africa Group. He is a soft spoken guy and down to earth.

Here are 8 things you didn’t know about Jeff Mote

1. He was constantly underweight as a kid and was nicknamed “13” because he could never get heavier than 13 kgs.

2.  After  high school, he  was supposed to study law at Moi University but opted to do journalism instead.

3. He was first fired from a job: university radio station  when he was only 19 years old, because he was a first year student and only fourth year students were the ones allowed to work there.

4. He is a talented swimmer and he makes sure he swims at least every weekend.

5. He has phobia for rats.

6. He once convinced a female friend he was with to act like she was pregnant so that he could avoid paying a speeding fine.

7. He hates taking photos because he never know where to place his hands when posing.

8. He has the best boss in the world and hopes he will approve his salary advance for this month after reading this.