Popularly known as the Tax Payer on the Homestretch show aired on Radio Jambo every evening, Diamond Okusimba is one of the best sports presenters in the country having won the journalist of the year award in 2010 alongside his co host Toldo Kuria. Diamond who never misses any local match has won hearts of many Kenyan Premier League fans who re always insupport of his show. Here is what you didn’t know about him

1. He was born a premature baby.
2. His dream was to become an actor.
3. He is a talented footballer though his career ended at the age of 23 years after he suffered an injury but he loves basketball.
4. He hates Kenyan politics.
5. Loves beaches though he hates large masses of water.
6. He has lost many spouses due to poor timing because he hates time wasters.
7. He adores tall ladies.
8. Being a dad, he loves his daughter and he wishes she had a twin sister.
9. He sometimes wishes he was a woman .
10. He has lived without an Identification card since 2005 till early this year.
11. If he was locked up in jail, he would ask for a TV so that he doesn’t miss his favorite pastime: SPORTS
12. He wants to die on the moon.