Being a home of talent, Kenya has produced both international and local sportsmen such as great marathoners e.g Kemboi, Rudisha, Rugby stars: Collins Injera, Kayange, Sikuta and football stars such as Southampton’s midfielder Victor Wanyama, McDonald Mariga, Arnold Origi, Dennis Oliech and Divock Origi all playing in European leagues.

Not all that glitters is gold. Kenya’s local based footballers are known for common characteristics and here are the things you never knew about them.

Deadbeat dads
When it comes to this business, its not only the prominent people but footballers also. If you happen to follow some of their history, some of them are deadbeat dads with more than 2 baby mamas. Some will always brag on their social media accounts posting photos of kids they don’t even take care of well not only are they soccer players they play women too. There is Kenyan international player who has featured for Tusker Mathare and Sofapaka and also played in Europe who is said to have sired 12 children with different women. Quite a number if you ask me a dozen to be precise but then again women love these players and as long as they are never forced to bed them whatever happens between two consenting adults should not be given much airtime.

Most of our local footballers love attention so much especially from the media. They will always be the first to seek media attention incase there’s something going on in their team so as to comment. Some like it because they are always fond of kitu kidogo after media interviews.
Live large yet they earn peanuts
I fail to understand why someone should pretend so as to please others. Some of these footballers will tend to rent expensive houses, buy fuel gazzlers cars which in turn become a burden to maintain, leaving them to beg from fans so as to sustain their lifestyles.

Stay in Eastlands
Unlike other sportsmen, most of Kenyan footballers prefer staying in Eastlands; the home of the second working class people. If you go to areas like Buruburu, Umoja, Donholm you won’t be surprised to get a bunch of them staying together in same flats or estates reasons known to themselves.

Don’t value education
Only a few footballers juggle between football and education. If asked why most of them don’t value education, you will get so many answers which will leave you shocked as many take football as the only career without knowing that football’s lifespan is very short with the knee coming to th sell bby date without them knowing.

Everytime you visit a local stadium you will hear of women complaining about being tortured and harassed by these so called footballers. They are known to be good at the first sight but end up being beasts. Known to be sex addicts, you will never miss drama in the stadium; women fighting each other over them especially when the league is in session. But if you ask me it is the ladies who jam the dressing room asking for the players’ numbers.

They always flock clubs in groups and one may think they are out for team building or something. They hang out with sugar mummies some even older than their own parents drinking the whole night forgetting their families who suffer back in the villages. Apart from drinking, they are also great smokers. Sheesha being the current style in raving, most of them spend time in sheesha dens puffing all day long without thinking of the effects of sheesha on their bodies as sportsmen.

Reggae music is considered a cultural norm by our footballers. They flock reggae clubs Monday to Monday in the name of having fun. With many upcoming music bands, footballers prefer reggae music and most of them tend to enjoy reggae played by the one and only Dougthy Family led by the famous Kriss Darling and Dj Stevo Junior.

They are always ready to comment on anything. In some places like clubs, they will even tip off the MC’s so as to mention their names everytime he/she is on the mic. Footballers like cheap publicity and they will do anything to be recognized especially when attending an event or when you meet them.

They will always complain incase of salary or allowance delays hence subbotaging unlike their rugby counterparts who work whether paid or not.
This is the category where most of this players from East lands are found. Mugging is common to them at bthe moment there is a first eleven team serving at Kamiti for crimes like mugging, robbery with violence and even con arists. A well known footballer who has featured for Tusker nd AFC is the worst mugger known in Kangemi area. Any time you hear his name mentioned people in his home area get scared “ngeta” was his proffesion before joining the KPL.
Well some come from upcountry where farming was the only activity and yes their hands tell it all if you have shaken hands with a sugar farmer you will understand what I mean. Some were jua kali artisans panel bearing at its best wasthir carreer any way manmut live and before football beir was life and after their will still be life.