It takes guts for one to wear hot pants especially if you are an adult. For some they look gorgeous when they rock the tiny litto shorts, but to others, it’s always a nightmare.  Reason being? Maybe you chose the wrong size; something smaller than your body size. And you have toothpick-like legs or because of the layers of cellulite on your thighs, the hot pants come off looking like death puked on you. My advice is, DO. YOU. Kama unataka ku rock hot pants. Do it. Don’t let people dictate what you wear.

Well, celebrated Kenyan media personality and public figure, Julie Gichuru is one of the most respected women in our society. She is a role model to many, both young and old, thanks to her clean image. She never thrives on controversy unlike her counterparts who make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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Julie is currently in Athens; one of the world’s most beautiful and amazing city and as the saying goes; “When you go to Rome do as the Romans do”. That, she did it. The TV girl rocked a pair of tribal ankara pants, sleeveless mustard top, brown Maasai sandals, long earrings and sunglasses which completed her amazing look. She killed it! Julie who is ageing gracefully is giving Kenyan women a run for their money. She looks younger than her real age.

While some women younger than Julie are struggling with post baby body, Julie Gichuru is busy maintaining her sexy looks even after giving birth to more than three children. Well, below are stunning photos of Julie Gichuru that has left many green with envy.

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